• James

Fender Eliminator Triumph Bonneville Thruxton Scrambler 900.

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Hey! I've made myself a time machine and transported myself to the present day.  On arrival I was so impressed with the Hinckley Triumph twins on arrival I was inspired to make a Fender Eliminator. The sort that still has crafted style and lines, but keen and lean. Something of equal quality to the motorcycle it will become part of. It was also designed to fit with no drilling. Something only the future could bring.

This kit will fit Bonneville 900, Thruxton 900 and Scrambler 900

Adaptable to mount turn signals. All stainless hardware and mudguard. Add a Quick connect harness to make an easy connection.

Hook Up Details

HARNESS                         CONNECTS TO _________  ........................_____________ Red >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> + Black Rear Lamp Running Blue>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> + Red  Brake Light Black Single>>>>> - Black/white Ground Lamp Black dual connector>>>>> - Ground Turn Signals Orange>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> + Turn Signal Left Brown>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  +Turn Signal Right

Turn Signals



Schematic Diagram of Q/C harness