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Finned Exhaust Clamps Triumph Thruxton Bonneville 900 How can you live looking like this!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

How can you live without them? Radial finned exhaust clamps. 52 SQUARE INCHES OF COOLING SURFACE PER FINNED CLAMP. That's 334.5 square cm of cooling surface for the rest of the world. Wow! all those squared things dissipating heat keeping your engine, oil and you cool also preventing pipes blueing. That's a lot of surface packed in a compact little ring loaded with 22 fins. Too late for my pipes (as shown in pics), they had already blued long ago before fitting. Unlike others available, Maund clamp rings make full compression contact with header pipe to dissipate heat. They are not bling, attached with set screws to stop them blowing off in the wind. Easy fit. Available for carbureted and EFI. Bonneville and Thruxton.

 My pipes have already blued!      So with no expense spared,

the Exhaust Clamps are put through a rigorous test and notes made on discoloration.  Clamps were installed on a Bonneville with 531 miles.


Triumph Bonneville Finned exhaust clamps Test

Triumph Bonneville Thruxton Finned exhaust clamps test at 2100 miles
On the left at 531 miles still looking good at 2100

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