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Get winter ready!

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Fearless fenderless riders, winter and spring seasons are upon us and the roads will be wet. General road sludge, mud and water will be thrown up from the street beneath.

If you are going to enjoy riding year round, a fender is your friend. Keeping your back dry and your bike insulated from corrosion promoting sludge and salted roads.

Now hopefully you didn't throw your fender over the nearest hedge, because I offer some nice fender mount tail lamp assemblies, half the size of bulky stock lights that could cause you to throw your fender over a hedge.

All kits are cast aluminum and fit using the stock mounting points. The majority of the kits are also plug and play which makes replacing the fender for the season, an easy task.

Fender mount kits are available for

2001- 2016 Bonneville T100, Thruxton 900 and Scrambler 900

2016- onwards liquid cooled Bonneville T100 & T120

2016- onwards Thruxton R & RS 1200

Speedmaster. Air and liquid cooled models.

2016- onwards Street Twin, Street Scrambler and Street Cup kits will be posted very soon and available November 2022

Any questions please drop me a line at


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