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Tail Lamp Summary

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

LED motorcycle tail lamp
Red lens LED with LED signal bulbs

This post explains features of all tail lights supplied.

1/ All tail lamps are compatible with designated model.

2/ All tail lamps supplied have dedicated source of license plate illumination.

3/ All tail lamps are equipped with running light and a brake light.

4/ Maund Speed Equipment is located in the US of A. The tail lamps supplied are not E marked for European market. Even though they are exactly the same lamps as sold in Europe. They do not have the E molded in the lens.

Lucas /Miller Lamps

From left to right.

1/ Miller filament bulb. 2/ Lucas 525 filament and L.E.D. 3/ Lucas 564 Filament.

These are exact replicas of Lucas and Miller. They are high quality lens moldings mounted on a mirror polished stainless chassis that acts a reflector.

L.E.D Red and Smoke Lens

L.E.D red and smoke lens are same size and mounting as Lucas 525. 3 L.E.D's are dedicated to license plate illumination.

Miller L.E.D Stop and small round light

Miller L.E.D round light. Can be used without the chrome Stop silhouette.

Small round light is available with red and smoke lens with license plate illumination

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