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Plug & Play front turn signals

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Plug & play front turn signals for liquid cooled models. This is a great option if you prefer not to monkey with the originality of the bike. On liquid cooled models signals are secured with a specific type of signal mounting, which requires enlarging the mounting hole to fit standard type 10mm signals. If you're not down with with this type of installation, the alternative is to use the same type mount as stock.

Maund Speed kits, all use the same type 35mm lens bullet turn signals and now offer them with Triumph OEM mounts and connectors. The turn signals are very good quality with aluminum bodies in polished or black finish. Replacement lens are always in stock and available in amber, clear and smoke.

These signals are marketed under many different importers names such as S&S, Lockhart Phillips or Emgo. The mounts are billet machined aluminum, anodized black or clear with stainless hardware. Signals come pre assembled with quick connect plug in connectors. If you require plug/play signals up front. Accompany them with kits sold with rear signals only. EZPZ!

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