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Selecting the FEK to suit seat

Updated: May 24, 2023

If changing the seat on a Bonneville T100/120, Street Twin, Street Scrambler or Street Cup you might want to consider the various fender eliminator bracket options offered.

I am not aware of any other companies offering these options. It seems like a one size fits all. And with some creative camera angles on their web sites the problem is solved.

Bonneville T100/120, Street Twin, Street Scrambler and Street Cup share the same sub frame. So the fender eliminators are all compatible.

The L/H row of pictures show from top to bottom 1/ Bonneville FEK bracket. 2/ St. Twin/Scrambler FEK bracket. 3/ St.Cup FEK bracket. As you will note the drop of the bracket decreases. The same bench seat is used in all 3 pictures as it exposes the fame.

The R/H row of pictures show the fit of the bracket opposite with the stock seat.

Maund Speed FEK's are designed to fit the designated model with the stock seat. If you are using a custom seat you will see below, that it maybe best to opt for a FEK to suit the seat.

1/ Stock Bonneville seats have a deeper rim around seat which requires a lower mounting FEK bracket. (Top two pictures)

2/ Street Scrambler /Street Twin seats have a shallower rim that just cover sub frame tubes.

3/ Street Cup seat has no rim and exposes the sub frame tubes. (bottom two pictures)

So if you are changing a stock seat for a bench or cafe seat that exposes sub frame tubes, consider a Street Scrambler or Street cup FEK depending on height seat sits on frame.

Keep in mind, fender eliminator kits are categorized by name to fit with stock seat.

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