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Sporty tail light to replace oversize stock lights for a clean look.  Thruxton R/RS 1200 Tail Light kit with stainless turn signal mount. 

Compatible with Triumph OEM turn signals. Analog deep pod signals. 8mm & 10mm turn signals. (turn signals not included)

Select the signal mount of choice. 
Bolt on fit using handsome oem hex head fasteners. Kit retains oem rubber mounting, isolating from vibration. Tail light housing is a seamless fit, deceivingly floating above fender so no metal-paint contact is made.
3 tail lamp options.
You might like to include a Quick Connect harness? Recommended only, if you do not want to make own connections. 

Q/C harness for intigrating with O.E.M Triumph signals
Fitting & Hookup details are posted for use with stock & Q/C Harness at

Thruxton R/RS 1200 Tail Light Housing with Turn Signal Mount